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Early engraved brass dial 30 hour longcase clock.
In a plain pine country case, lovely golden colour and patina.
Superb 11.5" square dial with fine spandrels, finely cut original hands, and large date wheel.
All in exceptional condition and in good working order keeping excellent time.
Chain driven movement striking the hours on a large bell.
Ornate ringed pendulum bob.

A very rare maker, I have never come across another Band clock. He was in partnership with a James Hine as braziers and ironmongers, the business dissolving in 1772 when Hine moved to Exeter, and Band continued the business in Bridgwater. At the time Bridgwater was a major centre for brass, bronze and other metal foundries. However Band and Hine continued to advertise a wide range of goods after that date at their warehouse in North St Exeter, including church and other clocks.

Height 81"

Price SOLD

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